6 October – 3 November 2022
Exhibition opening 6 October at 6pm

Alice Gauntlett, The Garden Wall,2022

Aspire Art is pleased to host A Good Time, a group exhibition curated by Michaela Limberis.

As a dynamic and leading auction house regarded for its fresh and innovative approach to the art industry, Aspire has pioneered new market segments and areas of collecting. Since its inception, they have achieved great success with contemporary art at auction and it is against this backdrop that Aspire presents its first curated contemporary exhibition in Cape Town.

A Good Time celebrates the early careers of a group of local artists over the past decade. The exhibition is a conversation of current, formative, and exploratory works, reflecting parallel and intersecting journeys over time. This assembly of works questions the methods by which value is commonly determined and what factors may come to constitute a ‘good time’ in an artist’s career.

The title also draws attention to the social element often essential to exhibitions and engagements with art, particularly following the pandemic-induced dominance of virtual experiences.

Featured artists include Rory Emmett, Alice Gauntlett, Bonolo Kavula, Sepideh Mehraban, Heinrich Minnie, Lena Dewaegenaere, Siwa Mgoboza, Nobukho Nqaba, Gaelen Pinnock, Jake Singer and Sitaara Stodel.

LEFT: Nobukho Nqaba, Undibizela Kuwe III

RIGHT: Rory Emmett, Hewn I

WIN a Krone Magnum Artist Designed Bottle

The opening event on Thursday 6 October will include a raffle in partnership with Krone and Early Friday to support the Michaelis 2022 Grad Show.

Early Friday is a weekly fundraiser at The Waiting Room for the Michaelis UCT Grad show. At each event, there is a raffle for a bottle of tequila intervened on/transformed by a Michaelis alumni artist. In partnership with Krone, artists on A Good Time exhibition will transform Krone magnum bottles for the raffle.

LEFT: Bonolo Kavula, The Dreams, They Are Coming Back

RIGHT: Gaelen Pinnock, Trajectory #1


Cape Town: ct@aspireart.net | +27 21 418 0765

Monday – Friday: 9 am – 4 pm
Saturday: 10 am – 2 pm

Sepideh Mehraban, Time Lag, 2022, oil on canvas


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