The Environment is changing fundamentally every day between sunrise and sunset as the climate changes. Greenland’s ice shelves are melting, Europe’s rivers are drying up, and the American West is on fire.


How do artists engage with a topic perceived as abstract, distant, and complex without despair, dread or hopelessness? Is there a place for artists and their aesthetic practices to engage, reflect or imagine a better world? The answer is an emphatic ‘yes’, according to the artists who have submitted their ideas in the second cycle of the Rupert Museum’s Social Impact Arts Prize.


The entries came from all across Southern Africa.

Artists, designers, architects, writers, poets, psychologists, gardeners, and beekeepers.

Rivers, rain and clean water. Forests, foraging, speaking with trees and building bird paths.

Photosynthesis, photography and recording ghost stories of long-gone fauna and flora are just some forms of these artistic responses.


Congratulations to the ten Social Impact Arts Prize awarded projects.

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