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South African sculptors are eligible for this year’s Helgaard Steyn Award, the prestigious annual award recognising excellence in four disciplines, alternating between musical composition, painting, literature and sculpture.

Past recipients of the Helgaard Steyn Awards for Sculpture include renowned artists such as David Brown (1989), Jackson Hlungwane (1993), Willem Boshoff (2001), Jan van der Merwe (2005), Wim Botha (2013) and Angus Taylor (2017).

As the last winner of the Sculpture Award Taylor commented: “The Helgaard Steyn Award for Sculpture tells me that I, for some part at least, have succeeded somewhere along the way. This inspires me to continue seeking and sharing.”

Work produced between 2017 and 2020 can be entered – including free standing pieces and constructions, works in relief, or enclosed or open-air installations in any permanent medium, including ceramics. The work must have been offered for purchase to the public or be currently displayed in a public space.

Art museums, galleries and their appointees, curators, art consultants and arts practitioners are invited to nominate artworks by submitting a statement of motivation, a curriculum vitae of the artist and the details of the artwork (including visual documentation) to the panel of adjudicators.

The deadline for nominations is 26 July 2021.

Visit the website www.helgaardsteynawards.co.za for more information as well as the nomination forms.

Direct inquiries to info@helgaardsteynawards.co.za


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