Photograph by John-Alex Second – @johanalexsecond


131 // A // GALLERY presents a solo show of artworks by Daniel Levi titled ‘Asymmetrical Identities’

“Painting is about finding essences. Human forms, faces, vessels of identity – my subjects – are the carriers of paint. Representing a human being is nebulous territory – the face is like a blurry landscape; appearing, disappearing, reappearing in the process of mark making.

The works portray human energy, as I see it, in painted form. Human subjects are melded with paint (texture, colour, shape) and through that union become symbolic and expressive.

Abstraction and human form synthesise into a new anarchic form, which shimmers on both a conscious and unconscious level, where surface values and aesthetics present a deeper world of the psyche.

The nucleus of painting is abstract, paint being the primary bearer of the emotional message, like tone is to music. Through a combination of intention and spontaneity, vibrancy emerges; the intangible, transcendent potential energy of paint.”

Omniself – 2020, Oil on Canvas


‘Savant’ – 2020, Oil on Canvas


‘Presidential Funk’ – 2020, Oil on Canvas


‘Omnipresent Funk’ – 2020, Oil on Canvas

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