Covering Tracks

Susan Grundlingh at Rust-en-Vrede Gallery

Exhibition by Susan Grundlingh at Rust-en-Vrede GalleryArtists through the ages have painted plants and flowers for symbolic, religious or personal reasons. Susan Grundlingh’s inspiration came from studying the magnificent frescoes of the Maison des Orchards (recently re-opened in Pompeii), the symbolic flowers in religious Renaissance paintings and the Dutch Vanitas still-life paintings of the 17th century.

SUSAN GRUNDLINGH | “The Settlement”, Oil on Canvas

After painting indigenous succulents for some time, flowers introduced themselves in her work. Grundlingh recently decided to change and cover an unwanted section in a painting whilst keeping other details. The idea of covering unwanted areas with flowers resonated with her idea of covering unpleasant recollections with more pleasant ones.

Grundlingh obtained fresh flowers from a nursery and painted these from life over the existing underpaintings. With some flowers lasting longer than others, she had to work quickly before they all wilted into a pile of petals, demonstrating the transient nature of all things and recalling Vanitas paintings of old.


SUSAN GRUNDLINGH | “The Reluctant Sitter” , Oil on Canvas


SUSAN GRUNDLINGH | “The Compromise”, Oil on Canvas


SUSAN GRUNDLINGH | “The Gift III”, Oil on Canvas


SUSAN GRUNDLINGH | “The Gift II”, Oil on Canvas


SUSAN GRUNDLINGH | “The Day at the Waterfall I”, Oil on Canvas


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