Anton Smit, Crouching Man, Monumental


“Maybe nothing truly beautiful can ever take form on earth without the shroud of mystery and brokenness surrounding it.” – Alyssa Underwood

The past few years have thoroughly tested humanity, with pandemics, wars, as well as political, economic and climatic instability threatening the very foundation upon which civilization stands.

We turn to politicians and other societal leaders to fix the cracks spreading beneath our feet, but it is easy to forget that every society is comprised of individuals – each a fragment that forms part of the whole. And it’s just as easy to forget that every one of these fragments has power – the power to either pull together with surrounding fragments or shatter them even further.

This task may seem hard, because we as individuals are often fragmented in our own way, faced with physical, mental, spiritual, financial or social fissures that hamper our efforts to keep our own lives intact. How can we be expected to fix society when we, ourselves, are fractured?

The solution, however, need not be complicated. The simple truth is, we may not be able fix the world, but we can fix our own worlds – how we view it; how we interact with it and the people within it. It costs nothing to show kindness and respect towards others, regardless of social standing.

And some of that kindness and respect should also be reserved for ourselves because our own lives are not defined by what happens beneath our feet, but within us. It’s not about the challenges we face, but how we face them.

A new range for a new outlook – Those who seek upliftment during these trying times will be pleased to hear that Anton Smit’s new range of sculptures, called Fragments, does exactly that.

It finds strength amidst weakness. Courage beyond despair. It discovers beauty in a broken world to augment the positivity imparted by the encouraging words of the Bible.

“This exhibition portrays our fragmentation, but with a distinct aura of hope and deep contemplation,” says Smit.

Let us find beauty in our broken world once more. Let us rekindle the power of the human spirit, to rise from the ashes and build a future we can all be proud of – one fragment at a time.

The official opening of Fragments was hosted by The Gallery at Grande Provence, Grande Provence Heritage Wine Estate in Franschhoek, on 17 February 2024.

This exhibition features a new collection of large-scale artworks strategically placed in the lush gardens of Grande Provence Heritage Wine Estate, with smaller pieces carefully curated inside the main art gallery.

View the exhibition online:

Anton Smit, Moment VIII


Anton Smit, Contours In The Wind


Anton Smit, Penny Speed


Opposite page: Anton Smit, Fragments Series


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