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‘In a Fine Flow’

In psychology, the ‘flow’ state is a mental state in which we become fully immersed in a feeling of energetic focus. With an all female line up, ‘In a fine flow’ celebrates finding the space to indulge in the enjoyment of crafting and creating, joyously blurring the lines between haute art and fine craft.

Participating Artists are Andel Olivier, Dina Kuijers, Tarien Bruwer, Judith Augoustides, Elmarie van Straten, Jeanne Hugo, Adela Friedman.

Exhibition goes live online on Thursday July 1st, 2021 at
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Jeanne Hugo

“Celebrating the indulgence of female art-making: The decadent, plump and chubby gratification of our own vibrant creativity.”

Making art can be a satisfying escape into the artist’s inner flow zone. According to Zen Buddhism, the ‘flow’ is when an individual enters a mental state of operation by becoming fully immersed in a feeling of energized focus and inspiration, full involvement, and enjoyment of the process. This zone is crucial to good art and craft making. Six neurochemicals associated with the flow state are Norepinephrine, Dopamine, Endorphins, Anandamide, Oxytocin and Serotonin. Needless to say, this is a luxurious Zone to be in. A brief analysis of the global art market will quickly show us that the art (sales) industry is still largely male dominated. Could this be because of less opportunity to enter our flow zones? A plethora of philosophies and motivations exist and whether it be due to the imbalanced weight of parenthood, imposter syndrome, the many other homely demands, the choice of medium & style or other economic pressure, female art is a unique and immensely important production that is still totally undervalued. I believe this is a good thing. It means we are on the cusp of a great revolution. An enlightenment of sorts. We have so much to explore, to give, to build and simultaneously, boundaries to break.

For this exhibition, I am interested in exploring your process of feminine creative flow. Whether it be scratching, painting, moulding, beading, embroidering, knitting, carving or slicing, this female-only exhibition will celebrate the craft of feminine innovation and perspective. We are going all out and into ourselves, indulging in a rich and selfish exploration of our own productions.

We know that cultural and creative activities are vital for the human sense of wellbeing. The pandemic showed us that art and craft have the power to comfort us and it even drew out enjoyment from confinement – a concept that most artists are quite comfortable with already.

How do we, as females, share this indulgence? Some of us collaborate, teach and engage with others to produce our vision. You are invited to watch us raise the bar and shamelessly salute our flow zones.

Jeanne Hugo (Hugo Modern)

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