Detail of Work in Progress Portrait by 2023 Junior Portrait Winner Malini Mistry

Rust-en-Vrede Gallery + Clay Museum initiated the National Portrait Award competition in 2013. Since then, it has become one of the most highly anticipated events on the Arts Calendar. In response to numerous requests to include younger artists, the organisers have decided to launch a Junior Portrait Award. 

After opening the Junior Portrait to some local high schools last year, the competition received an overwhelmingly positive response. As a result, the organisers have decided to continue with the Junior Portrait Award in 2024. This time, the entries will be open to all South African high school learners from the ages of 16 to 18 years old.

The Junior Portrait promises to be more than just a competition. It is a stepping stone for young artists to make their mark in the art world. This competition provides a platform for participants to express their creativity, challenge their boundaries, and transform their visions into captivating portraits. The participants of the Junior Portrait will not only gain exposure but also have the opportunity to interact with established artists and fellow enthusiasts.

The Junior Portrait acknowledges the talent and hard work of young artists by offering a range of prizes and recognition. Apart from art hampers sponsored by PenCafé, winners will receive the opportunity to participate in workshops conducted by a renowned artist, Jo Roets. Winning or even being part of this competition offers a chance for young artists to gain exposure in the art world, paving the way for potential future opportunities. The recognition gained from this competition can be a game-changer for young artists, opening doors to further opportunities and paving the way for successful careers in the art world.

Rust-en-Vrede Gallery aims to make this competition accessible to as many young artists across South Africa as possible. As a result, the organisers have decided to make the entry process free of charge. The submission process will take place online and be open from Monday the 27th of May 2024 until Sunday the 2nd of June 2024. Detailed guidelines and submission instructions will be available on the Rust-en-Vrede website at


Self Portrait by Alexia Vosloo_Mixed Media on Paper _ 2023


Self Portrait by Fatima Ismail _ Mixed Media on Paper _ 2023

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