08 – 31 October 2022

This group exhibition, curated by Ania Krajewska, aims at showcasing the current visual art research activities by artists affiliated with the department of Art and Music at the University of South Africa. The intense meaning-searching and meaning-making present in the exhibited works are driven by two significant phases, intricately intertwined in any substantial art-based practice: research and exploration. The title of the exhibition, Looking into… and Seeing beyond, signals the entanglement of these complex processes and shows how they bring about new and alternative ways of looking at and seeing the world. Thus, out of these intense and passionate involvements with the world, some alternative and individual comprehensions emerge. Looking into indicates the commitment to the visual and theoretical research conducted to create the exhibited artworks, while Seeing beyond speaks to the generating and bringing forth new knowledge, enriched by personal discoveries, and fresh new ways of seeing beyond the obvious.

The works in the exhibition explore a variety of mixed media such as 3D and digital prints, tapestries, traditional and alternative painting, drawing, sculpture, installation, and video. By weaving intricate narratives of societal and environmental values, the artists enrich the world of visual storytelling and bend perceptions.

Orimolade, Odun. 2021. Under the shadow

List of Artists participating:

Daniel Mosako
Nombe Mpako
Gwen Miller
Odun Orimolade
Sango Filita
Ania Krajewska
Lawrence Lemaoana



Lawrence Lemaoana. Drapetomania. 100 x 70 cm



Odun Orimolade. 2021. Knowing



Gwen Miller. Learning to Live with our shadows, Encaustic, Oil paint and Ink on Vilene. 36.5 x 51 cm


Ania Krajewska, Plants have poems inside them, 2022. Mixed media, fragments.

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