This section is titled Time’s Labyrinth

Curator Sean O’Toole says, “We are hostages to time, strange times, times that encompass many possibilities and unfold in many directions.”

Joachim Schönfeldt’s work includes his sculptural pieces (the iconic three-headed animals carved from Bluegum wood) and three recent ‘panel pieces’ (his panel works have been performing well on the auction circuit, this after the exhibition Panels of Place which focused only on his panel works from early to current pieces, and was hosted at the WITS ART MUSEUM (WAM) in Johannesburg three years ago. It was curated by Julia Charlton. We also include a series of sketches and drawings on the walls, all executed – plein air. He sketched the animals from visits to the Johannesburg Zoo in preparation for the sculptural pieces.

Joachim Schönfeldt is widely exhibited in galleries as well as museum exhibitions, He has participated in numerous biennales, including the 45th Biennale in the main exhibition All The World’s Futures curated by the late Okui Enwesor. This artist has been featured in various publications like Flash Art and Apollo magazine. He is represented in MOMA, New York and various other international and local collections.

It is our honour to present his work at the fair.

Peafowl Hen. Joachim Schonfeldt. 2023

On 17 February the Fair will be hosting “Gallery Night”, where guests of the Fair will be taken to view exhibitions in the City at various galleries – it is a date to mark on your calendars! It is an opportunity to view alternate works by Schönfeldt (like short films, originally made as presentations for various competitions or curations) which are not shown at our booth and will in fact be premiering that Friday evening at Nel Gallery.

In our ground floor gallery, we will be hosting the painter, John-Michael Metelerkamp’s third solo exhibition with us, titled, Observatory.

Metelerkamp is considered a ‘painter’s painter’ for many reasons, his brave use of paint, colour combinations that are refreshingly unusual and a general sense of something being seen askance, there is a liminal quality to everything he produces. His work is the result of ever-intensifying investigations of consciousness. This exhibition will possibly unnerve, it will certainly surprise, and it is an opportunity to see where painting is at this point in time in South Africa. We open this exhibition on our ground floor at 6 pm on Friday the 17th of February.

John-Michael Metelerkamp. Guardian. 2022. Acrylic on canvas. 51x51cm[1102]

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