1 July- 1 August 2022
Text by Boitumelo Makousu

Lesego Moncho | Mid-Summer Harvest Day ‘ Medium: Oil Impasto on Stretched canvas.

The NWU Gallery is thrilled to present an exhibition titled O Mang, O Tswa Kae, O Ya Kae? curated by Boitumelo Makousu.

This group exhibition features Khotso Mahloma, Lesego Moncho, and Ras Silas. The exhibition explores the willingness of expressing vulnerability of one’s experiences, memories and healing.  O mang? O tswa kae? O ya kae?,does not only invite you on to geometric patterns and other forms, mediums and materials but rather to a journey of understanding the story behind the diverse compositions each artist expresses and has significantly shaped who they are.

Every individual encounter’s moment in their lives that shapes their being but concurrently challenges one’s strength and capabilities of withstanding what you believe in. This body of selected works interrogates the connection of which culture, identity, spirituality and the natural environments of where one comes from, where they are presently and where they intend to go.

These works initiate conversation, as we very often tend to overlook the power of redefining ourselves and what core values shape us. It is during these unprecedented times of the COVID-19 pandemic contingently initiated introspection of self, acknowledgement of the paths travelled and the intentional move going forward which also allows encouragement, and healing.

The exhibition intentionally embraces how interconnected Ras Silas, Mahloma and Moncho are through their own identities by using geometric patterns in their own interpretations and sharing the stories that connects the intangible flow and contrasts that are built up by separating areas of stillness between the patterns, forms and the expressive free-flowing motifs that form of repetition, shape and feelings such as how one’s life experiences take place.



Lesego Moncho | ‘The Blue White Doek ‘ Medium: Oil Impasto on stretched canvas.



Lesego Moncho | ‘The village Maasai ‘ Medium: Oil Impasto on stretched canvas.


Lesego Moncho | The Harvest Trio ‘Medium: Oil Impasto on stretched canvas.


Ras Silas


Ras Silas


Khotso Mahloma


Khotso Mahloma

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