1-12 June
Cape Town

3 June 18:00

Spin Street Gallery, 6 Spin Street
Weekdays 10:00-16:00
Saturdays 10:00-14:00

4 June – Botanical illustration
5 June – Lino Printing
11 June – Lino Printing
12 June – Botanical illustration

Contact for more information: neeskealexander@gmail.com

One day at a time’ is a collection of 366 artworks created by Neeske Alexander – one for every day of 2020.

This visual journey showcases the raw process of style and skill development that results from continued observational drawing and experimental mark making. To capture the theme of each month, Neeske Alexander explores a variety of techniques and mediums, including graphite, ink, charcoal, gouache, colour pencil, watercolour, digital illustration, oil painting and printmaking. The collection embodies an interconnectedness as familiar elements link to create a story about the joy and pain of creating.
During the 12 days of the exhibition, Neeske will host workshops as well as an interactive drawing challenge. She is inviting everyone to whip out their sketchbooks and join her in drawing every day. Each day’s prompt is inspired by the monthly themes of ‘One day at a time’.

Follow along at @neeskealexander on Instagram.

Day 285 Disa park tower C



Day 282 Dalebrook tidal pool



Day 336 Making lemonade

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