Palette Fine Art Gallery opens in Franschhoek


Reflection, Lydia da Silva

Palette Fine Art Gallery has opened in Franschhoek. Situated on the historic Huguenot Road at number 40, the range of art reflects both the roots of the French farming area and the modern cultural town that Franschhoek has become.

With a range spanning the landscapes of the local farms and their Cape Dutch architecture, to the stunning mountains and lavender fields, Palette showcases modern abstracts, varying from iconic local fauna and flora to eclectic art that provide a window into the lives of South Africa’s unique people.

The Palette Fine Art Gallery began nestled among the grand old oak trees in Church Street, Stellenbosch. The gallery was started by filling a niche in the tourist market and has evolved over 8 years. It has since expanded to open in the Cape Quarter and boasts many beautiful bronze sculptures varying from the human form to many species of animals and birds. The gallery also stocks a variety of consignment work created by local artists from the Western Cape.


Lotus, Lydia da Silva


Deliverance, Antonio da Silva


Nostalgia, Lydia da Silva


Meandering, Antonio da Silva


Palette Fine Art Gallery, Franschhoek

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