Artwork: Deep Sea Musings by Mandy Lake

The way we perceive natural events heightens our experience of the world. Seasonal change, weather, growth the cycles of life add drama to our existence and narrative to our lives. Cape Town has a ‘Mediterranean’ climate and a unique, rich floral kingdom. A port city, the population consists of many cultures. Life in Cape Town and the surrounds engages all our senses. Vivid memories are made here. And we have exceptional artists capable of endorsing this sensational place.

Cape Town does not only express the phenomenal through its weather, it also manifests in its People. Kim Mobey’s portraits bring the subject’s inner radiance to the forefront. Kim Mobey asks the question, what do you see in a portrait? Can you see the raging energy that swirls within all of us like a cape storm? Can you see the way the seasons of our lives change? What narrative is written on a face? Are we, like coastline shaped by the shifting tides of our phenomenal lives? Does the Cape make us who we are, or do we make the Cape what it is?

Gugulethu Girl – Kim Mobey

The term ‘phenomena’ has many meanings, it can be applied to weather, to the supernatural, to singular and unforgettable people, and to something which is known through the senses rather than by thought or intuition. Pamela Silver presents the world around her in riotous bursts of colour. Her work conveys the idea of everyday scenes through the lens of her own artistic perception. The familiar vista of a garden at sunrise is rendered anew to the viewer after it passes through the kaleidoscope of feelings that it evokes.

All the artists in this exhibition perceive the world in their own unique ways, informed by their experiences of the world. As they cycle through their lives they allow us the privilege of experiencing their phenomenal works

Early Morning Sunrise Looking Into the Garden – Pamela Sliver


Katrin Dorje, Bridget Heneck, Juli Jana, Mandy Lake, Kim Mobey, Shelia Petousis, Helen van Stolk, and Pamela Silver

Opening: Sunday, 30 January at 4 pm
Closes: 25 February
Place: The Cape Gallery, 60 Church Street, Gardens
Please RSVP by calling +27 (021) 423 5309

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