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As the seasons shift and the Karoo landscape transforms, Prince Albert comes alive with vibrant hues and artistic energy. It’s that magical time of year when our town’s diverse and talented artists open their studio doors, inviting you to step into their creative sanctuaries. Welcome to Prince Albert Open Studios, a cherished event that has woven itself into the fabric of our community.

A Canvas of Inspiration – Nestled amidst the rugged beauty of the Karoo region, Prince Albert exudes an otherworldly charm. Perhaps it’s the whisper of the wind through ancient olive groves or the sun-kissed hues that dance across the Swartberg Mountains. Whatever the secret ingredient, this place has an undeniable allure — a siren call for artists, free spirits, and visionaries.

Behind the Studio Doors – Distinctive blue A-frame boards dot the streets, guiding you to the hidden gems of diverse studios spaces and exhibitions – ranging from painting and sculpture to ceramics and textile art to mixed media and photography. The eclectic display of artworks promises an exhilarating and diverse visual experience. Each studio holds its own magic, a sacred space where inspiration collides with raw materials.

It is about more than just admiring finished pieces. Prince Albert Open Studios is an intimate affair, offering a chance to meet the artists and stepping into their world — the scent of oil paints, the touch of clay, the hum of creativity. Here, conversations flow freely, stories unravel, and the heartbeat of each creation pulses through the air.

Prince Albert Open Studios remains fiercely independent, artist-driven, and sponsor-free. It’s about authenticity, not commercialism. While artists do exhibit and sell their latest works, the heart of the event lies in personal connections. It’s about you, the seeker of beauty, and the artist, pouring their soul into their work.

Prince Albert Open Studios happen from 14th – 17th June 2024. In the two days leading up to the grand opening at the Prince Albert Gallery, immerse yourself in artistic workshops — the perfect prelude to the main event. Visit the website for full details, including exciting workshops hosted by two new members.

For more information, visit or follow on Instagram and Facebook.

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