The Summer Edition
30 December – 02 January 2022


Since its inception in 2017, The Prince Albert Open Studios has established itself as a unique and commendable biannual event on the South African visual art calendar. It is the brainchild of celebrated master printmaker, Joshua Miles and his wife Angela, who drew inspiration from their years of involvement in the successful BBos art-route in Baardskeerdersbos.

Having evolved to embrace its own distinct Karoo flavour, The Prince Albert Open Studios winter and summer events have grown into two very different experiences. The Winter event is a-buzz with over 30 studios open over 4 days offering a plethora of fascinating visits to artists working in a wide range of media and genres with extra days for workshops. The Summer event is an altogether more mellow affair. You could compare it to Karoo slow cooking… taking more time to extract the maximum flavour… an experience to be savoured and dallied over. Less studios are open, and allowance is made for a siesta in the heat of the day with studios re-opening later in the afternoons.

As before, the highly regarded Prince Albert Gallery plays a key role with a group show that highlights one work from each participating artist. This serves as a great appetiser and helps visitors to prioritise those studios which excite them the most. The opening of the Group Show will take place on 29th December at 6pm.

The important aspect of Prince Albert Open Studios, which has remained as a firm guideline in decision-making, has been the fact that it is run independently by the local artists for the local artists. Tempting as it has been to pursue opportunities to grow, get funding, bring in big names and generally follow the prevailing urban trends, the group has stuck firmly to that founding principle thus keeping the experience authentically local. The exception to this, is generous media sponsorship from Art Times, who have been extremely supportive of the event without exerting any pressure to conform or change to suit any agenda.

For visitors, a stay in the magical creative hub of Prince Albert is always a treat, with majestic surroundings, wonderful accommodation and foodie options and authentic Karoo charm. This is enhanced by the opportunity to be welcomed by artists into their personal creative spaces.

This January, visitors can engage with and see the latest work of:
Collette Hurt
Deidre Maree
Di Johnson-Ackerman (guest artist Paul Ackerman)
Di Smith
Di van der Riet Steyn
Erika van Zyl
Heleen de Haas
Joshua Miles
Karoo Looms
Kashief Booley/Striking Metal
Kevin de Klerk
Maruanda Wynne
Prince Albert Community Trust (Exhibiting Elcado Blom, Selwyn Maans, Nathan Maans, Jeffrey Armoed)
Prince Albert Gallery (guest artist Lisl Barry)
Sue Hoppe
Watershed Gallery

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