Q&A with Eclectica Contemporary


EC: How has your artist process changed working in isolation?

NH: Moving studio back home will have its challenges, mainly due to domestic interruption. Also a comparatively smaller space to my studio will result in smaller works, mainly on paper and canvas scraps.


EC: Are you busy with a new body of work?

NH: Once the housework is done I can paint! I think household items will be appearing in my work. I am busy with small paper works focussing on collage and paint. I will be continuing with these in a more disciplined manner during lockdown both as complete works in their own right and as studies to inform larger paintings. I will also return to life drawing of housebound subjects! 


EC: What would you say is the role of the artist in times like these?

NH: Honestly? Try not to freak out amidst total chaos. This is WW3 and the panic, fear, anxiety are frighteningly real. Big hurdle to overcome is how to instill some sense of order and routine, to keep as much normalcy as possible. The role of artist is therefore to just work which will result in both intrinsic and extrinsic purposes:

Selfishly for the artist, art making is a simultaneous  grounding and escapist pastime. On an altruistic level, art is incredibly necessary during these times when we are needing to move beyond hard facts and rational processes. We need to imagine, dream and hope for better times that will eventually come. Art provides a conduit to transcend reason.


EC: What is one way you’d like the public to support artists and the art world during this time?

NH: It is my wish that everyone, artists included, support artists by viewing work on all social platforms and offer encouragement. And the public who are fortunate enough to purchase, purchase online. There was never a time as now, when we needed upliftment through the acquisition of art.



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