26/06/2022 – 23/07/2022

While form encompasses space, colour calls upon our experience of space and time, stirring up emotions in us. Colour is analogous to music where the major keys are noted for joy and brilliance and the minor keys seem melancholy. As we scan a work of art the shifting focus of our attention carries us from one intensity to another. Colour is not necessarily confined to form and edge but can be tempered by light as it is modulated fluidly across the surface of a painting, defining the ambient mood of the artwork.


Judy Woodborne/ L’oeil Amuse /30 x 42 cm/ Paper sculpture with linocut, papercut, etching, glue & pins


Elinor Carleton-Smith/Roses and Gein Jug/40 x 50 cm/Oil


Ken McGillivray/1.618/51 x 51 cm/Oil


Bridget Heneck/Dreaming of flying houses /60 x 50 cm/Oil


LEFT: Simon Jones/Flowers/60 x 90 cm/Acrylic RIGHT: Drummond Murphy/Catch of the day/76 x 61 cm/Acrylic

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