Spider-man was created in 1962 making this comic book character 60 years old this year. The world needs to celebrate heroes, real or fictional and Spider-man is one of the biggest comic book heroes of all time. Creator Stan Lee created a hero for the youth to look up to, a hero with flaws and everyday problems just like any normal person. A hero that we can relate to.

To celebrate the anniversary of his creation, St.Lorient and The Viewing Room Art Gallery asked artists to create works inspired by the Spider-man character.

Brendon Pitt: No Way Home, Digital Illustration.


Minien Hattingh: Spi+der=Man, Digital illustration


Brendon Kevin Pitt, The Amazing Spider-man, 594 x 841 mm, Digital Illustration, 2022


The exhibition opens on the 26th March at 11:00 and runs until the 30th May 2022

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