What is everything leaves room for nothing else


24 February to 16 March 2023

Opening at 11:00 on Saturday 24 February at the Association of Arts Pretoria is a new exhibition by Tamantha Williams.  The medium here is predominantly watercolour, charcoal and ink.

The artist states: “The premise is how we perceive the world and those around us based on our senses which then influence our views.  Every instant of perception is based on the wellness of the thought foundation the senses rest on – if they are based on a skewed thought system, chances are the perceptions we have are skewed as well.  Grounded in the tumultuous reactionary process each instant becomes a variable and is uncertain in its outcome.  Our coping mechanism therefore is fragmentation.”

“The intention of the exhibition is the presentation of multiple works representing the above thought process(es).  Some of the works have been completed, but not yet framed.  Larger pieces are in progress.  The aim of the exhibition it to entice the viewer to question what is seen, based on the mind.  All works resulted from a travel and art exploration in France during March and April 2023.”

Tamantha Williams is a multidisciplinary artist based in Midrand.  Qualifying as a Landscape Architect in 1994, she worked within this field in South Africa and Botswana.  After some years she moved on to opening her own Graphic Design Company and from that she proceeded to study Visual Arts at Unisa.  Whilst studying Visual Arts she won an award in a Recycled Art Exhibition with an installation piece.  She has actively been part of group art exhibitions since 2019.  In 2021 and 2023 her work was selected for the Sasol New Signatures Art Competition.

At the moment her focus is on the illusion of separation we seem to embrace unknowingly with the underlying commentary of how we live the truths we decide on.  Through her art she investigates basic thought processes about guilt, forgiveness, love, time, conflict, isolation, eternity and separation in search of answers to ‘what is human?’.

Mark Saturday 24 February 2024 as a highlight on your calendar!

Association of Arts Pretoria, 173 Mackie Street, Nieuw Muckleneuk

Tel:  012 346 3100 | artspta@mweb.co.za | www.artspta.co.za

 Gallery Hours

Tuesday to Friday:  09:00 to 17:00 | Saturday:  09:00 to 13:00

Analyzing darkness



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