Oliewenhuis Art Museum is proud to announce Walking on a rim of light – a solo exhibition by South African multi-disciplinary artist Diana Page to be exhibited in the Reservoir.

Diana was born in Durban and raised in Grahamstown. She gained an undergraduate degree at the University of Natal, Pietermaritzburg (1986) and later an HDE (PG) Sec at the University of Cape Town (1987) and completed a Masters in Painting at Rhodes University, Mahkanda, (1996). Over the last 3 decades as a professional artist, she has exhibited, taught, and collaborated with other artists in both South Africa as well as in Istanbul, where she has been resident for sixteen years. She has participated in public art projects and held exhibitions in South Africa, Turkey, and internationally.

Diana Page, 2020, Sea Change, oil on canvas, 130 x 150 cm

Her work explores transnational existence and ideas about space, home, and identity through painting and the parallel practices of drawing, digital animation, and performance.

Diana states, “My experience of one home always occurs in counterpoint to the other. My memory and imagination of these two places are informed by constant drawing and revisiting of images along the Bosphorus, where I have my studio”. From this studio, she views and experiences the city of Istanbul in its constant state of change.

Diana’s work skirts abstraction – the images are suggestive, fluid, and not descriptive. She embraces an approach to contemporary painting that favours chance and whimsy over absolutism and certainty. Some paintings appear almost as line drawings, whilst others have a highly layered and lively surface – a lush, painterly surface reflecting a history. Her lyrical images remain open to allow the viewer to bring their own interpretations, emotions, and memories when engaging with the work. Walking on a rim of light comprises new large as well as more intimate wall-based paintings, editioned photographic and digital prints, including digital presentations of Page’s sketchbooks. Digital video pieces of Page’s performances complete the show.

Oliewenhuis Art Museum cordially invites the public to attend the opening and walkabout of Walking on a rim of light. Entrance is free of charge for both events. The opening will take place at 19:00 on Thursday, 24 February 2022 and Fine Art Consultant, Les Cohn of Art Source South Africa will conduct the walkabout of the exhibition at 10:00 on Friday, 25 February 2022.

Walking on a rim of light can be viewed from 25 February until 10 April 2022 in the Reservoir at Oliewenhuis Art Museum. The art museum is located at 16 Harry Smith Street, Bloemfontein, and is open to the public from Monday to Friday between 08:00 and 17:00, and on Saturdays, Sundays, and public holidays between 09:00 and 16:00.

Entrance is free and secure parking is available for visitors. A ramp at the entrance of the main entrance provides access for wheelchairs, while a lift provides access to the Permanent Collection display areas on the first floor.

For more information please contact Oliewenhuis Art Museum on 051 011 0525 (ext 200) or oliewen@nasmus.co.za.

Diana Page,2020, Radical Innocence, oil on canvas, 130 x 150 cm

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