Tsako Hobyani – Dualism – Silkscreen – 50x50cm – 2023

‘Where You Are’, is the title of an exhibition featured at Constitution Hill that probes and explores notions of freedom and expressions of self and identity through printmaking.

This is an important exhibition at the beginning of 2024 ahead of the South African National Elections. The curated group exhibition showcases a collection of prints by 10 emerging artists (who coincidentally, were all born between 1994 and 2001, the same time-period when Constitution Hill was undergoing reconstruction, restoration, extension and ultimately, a transformation). 

As one of the most important historical sites in South Africa, Constitution Hill embodies a painful past whilst at the same time, offering reconciliation, hope and justice for past and present offenses on human rights. It offers a ‘safe place’ within a run-down and overworked city that overlooks the North of Johannesburg to an ever-growing built landscape.

Where You Are, explores the impact that history has had on shaping societies, attitudes and identities within a democratic and free contemporary South African society. It reflects on past narratives of in/justice and offers unique perspectives and insights into the apparent contradictions and effects experienced as a result. Individual artists explore issues around classism, gender-based violence, cultural and traditional vs contemporary expectations, postcolonial dilemmas and persistent stigma of mental health conditions.

The exhibition (installed in the Women’s Prison section) showcases a range of traditional printmaking techniques including etching, linocut relief, screen printing, lithography, cyanotype as well as mixed-media and digital artwork. Artist Proof Studio prides itself on printmaking excellence and innovation in printmaking. We are delighted to support this Graduate Show through Constitution Hill which exemplifies our Mission and Vision and commitment to training young artists as ‘active citizens’.

Obakeng Masilo, Vlakplaas, etching

About APS

APS is an innovative and engaged community printmaking centre of excellence focusing on all aspects of professional printmaking: creation, sales, training, and community engagement. Through its many activities, strategic partnerships and alumni, APS facilitates the transformation of passion into possibility. The Mission of APS is to provide an environment to develop citizens with a common set of values, expressed in the notion of Ubuntu, that have talent and passion to achieve artistic excellence. The Vision for APS is founded on a sense of shared humanity whereby people of talent and passion can reach for excellence in art making to achieve self-sustainability.

Venue: Constitution Hill, 1 Hospital St, Braamfontein, 2017, JHB, South Africa, Women’s Prison.  Date: Opening 27 January 2024, Sat 11am, Closing 25 February 2024. Opening Hours: Monday to Sunday 9 am–5 pm



Obakeng Masilo, A Maidens Lament, Etching, 2023


Tsako Hobyani, Serendipity, Silkscreen, 2023


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