“22, I have just graduated, here is my qualification but I do not know where to go. I do not know whom to reach out to- to lead me in good faith within the industry. How do I reach out? To whom? 

I felt alone.”

“In 2011, I had days where I would sleep without food and had to result to going to school with a grumbling stomach (if I had money for the taxi fair), my concentration levels were impaired, I could not tell anyone as I was afraid to ask for help, also I felt ashamed by my situation. I failed my first year due to my poor decision making that was driven by hunger and lack of help.” – Banele Khoza

A Letter to my 22 year old self is a response of help to young creatives that find themselves alone in an hour of need, namely of basics of not having food, transportation money to school, art material, registration fees and school fees. These are the basics that separate a Pass and a Fail in the school system.

Tatenda Chidora, Zamo II, Dimensions: 70cm x 70cm, 2018

Khoza has asked a number of artists and friends in his personal network to please donate a work and to write a letter to their 22 year old self which will be direct advise to young people and aiding a foundation that he wishes to build in support of art education and basic needs for young creatives. After he personally had trouble himself while in varsity and that could have hindered his progress as a creative, realizing the impact of his situation in 2011, he wishes to help where he can to make it easy for the next creative.

Ed Young, Biscuit, 2015, South African Mohair Traditional Teddybear, 42cm

Participating artists:
Heidi Fourie, Tatenda Chidora, Andile Buka, Ed Young,  Nina Torr,  Alexandra Karakashian, Mia Chaplin, Ruby Swinney, Bright Ackwerh, Vusi Beauchamp, Banele Khoza, Dale Lawrence, Nelson Makamo, Dylan Graham, Lady Skollie, Oliver Mayhew,  Leanne Olivier,  Ilandi Barkhuizen, Sifiso Mkhabela, Justin DIngwall, Colbert Mashile, Estelle Dry, Bernard Brand,  Selwyn Steyn,  Nicolene Ndelu,  Brooklyn J Pakathi, Nikki Zakkas,  Manyatsa Monyamane, Lemeeze Davids, Matt Hazell 

Absa Gallery Jhb: 11 November – 25 January 2018

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