Is Banksy’s Iconic ‘Spy Booth’ Mural Lost Forever?

artnet News | Naomi Rea:

A Banksy artwork has been removed from the wall of the Cheltenham home that served as a canvas for the enigmatic street artist in 2014.

The artwork in question, titled Spy Booth, saw Banksy post three stenciled government spies, straight out of a film noir set, around an existing telephone booth on the side of the Cheltenham property. Permanently perched around the phone box wielding 1950s surveillance equipment, the trench coated trio were set to forever listen in on conversations within. Or at least they were, before the removal of the valuable mural… Read more

Image: The Banksy in Cheltenham – painted on the gable wall of a house a few miles from GCHQ – appeared in 2014. Photograph: Ben Birchall/PA