BASA publishes 20-year research report

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Corporate sponsorship of the arts has grown in South Africa, rising from R136m in 2001 to an estimated R524m in 2015. Corporate sponsorship of music, especially, has shown exceptional growth. In 2015 alone, South Africa’s musicians attracted R5m more in sponsorship from business than they had in 2014. These are among the insights that Business and Arts South Africa (BASA) shares in its 20 Years of Business-Arts Partnership Trends research report that will be published imminently and will be freely available on the BASA website to BASA members. The research report is informed by BASA’s ArtsTrack research project, that tracks realities and trends of consumer engagement and perception of the arts and its sponsors. ArtsTrack also tracks peer perceptions among arts sponsors.

“The research examines and reports on two decades of BASA’s work with South African business and artists. This work is to forge and nurture constructive, mutually-beneficial relationships between the corporate and creative sectors of the economy,” says Madeleine Selmer-Olsen, BASA Research Manager. BASA has been tracking trends and growth over 20 years to give both businesses and artists the benefit of compelling data on which to base investment decisions. “In 20 years we have seen profound deepening of the understanding that has developed between business and the arts. It’s created a culture of symbiosis in South Africa. Now, the publication of this research, gives South Africa a data-driven environment in which to make economic investment decisions,” says Selmer-Olsen…read more

Image: Business and Arts South Africa