Company: Baz-Art
Event: International Public Art Festival
Event Date: 10-14 Feb 2021
Location: Salt River, Cape Town

Baz-Art presents the 5th edition of the annual International Public Art Festival (IPAF) taking place from the 10th – 14th February 2021, bringing art to life in the streets of Salt River, Cape Town. The event is one of the largest public art festivals in Africa gathering local and international artists who create, educate, uplift and empower through art.

The IPAF theme for 2021 is “100% Sustainable”, and artists are coming together to create public art interventions that are public-friendly and resonate with the theme. “Being in the throes of Covid-19, we need to think now, more than ever about how to ‘future-proof’ our communities through environmental, economic, and social sustainability. IPAF 2021 will showcase public art activations that focus on the idea of sustainability, through environmental awareness, creative sustainable solutions, creating economic possibilities through skills-building and sharing or a focus on community building”, says Alexandre Tilmans, co-founder of Baz-Art.


IPAF 2021 will feature:

100 Large scale murals across the Streets of Salt River
20 Live Mural Paintings by local and international Artists
Workshops that focus on sustainability and learning new artistic skills
Public Performances
Street Art Exhibition
Local Market

What motivates IPAF?
Creating awareness of the positive impacts of public art and celebrating street art as an art form is a driving force for the annual event. In addition, the festival aims to position Cape Town as a global street art hub in Africa while showcasing local talent and culture on an international platform. The event ultimately seeks to show how public art can activate social change and cohesion. IPAF curates the festival in such a way that it embodies a rich diversity of local and international artists. The vastly different art pieces created will animate and personify the bustling streets of Salt River.



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