Japan’s TeamLab has created some of the most trippy, interactive and Instagram-able digital art installations ever. It’s only fitting, then, that the group is getting its own digital museum in Tokyo, thanks to developer Mori and Epson. The Mori Building Digital Art Museum has 100,000 square feet of exhibition space, with around 50 installations that generate imagery thanks to 520 computers, 470 projectors and numerous motion sensors.

You can imagine the electricity it takes to power the exhibition, so admission is pretty steep compared to regular museums at 3,200 yen ($30). Every floor and wall is covered by light, and the images react to the presence of the attendees. While each installation is technically separate, they do bleed together as, for example, fish swim from one room to another.

“The title of the exhibit is ‘Borderless’ and it’s meant to signify how the immersive works keep boundaries between visitors in a state of continuous flux,” museum chief Ou Sugiyama, told Bloomberg. “Each visitor can enjoy this experience in their own way.”
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