The Telegraph |  Pippa de Bruyn

I’m often asked about the best time to visit South Africa, but the answer depends on exactly where you’re heading and what you intend to do. December to February is peak season on the coast, with everyone broiling in the sun and gazing out to sea, but those in the know arrive in March and stay until balmy April, my favourite month. Come May, most hotel beds are empty, yet it’s still a fine time to visit – the Cape moody as a British summer, with light bouts of rain producing a luminosity of colour.

Visitors can enjoy wine tastings warmed by fires, and the first waterfalls glistening on the mountain. I used to love pitching up at restaurants unannounced, walking on deserted beaches and traversing traffic-free passes. I still do and one still can, but it’s a sad fact that people are cottoning on: the Cape is beautiful, regardless of the season. Aside from this, winter sees humidity drop in Kwazulu Natal, spring is for many the best safari season, and autumn is the ideal time to explore South Africa’s extraordinary desert regions. In short, come any time that suits. Here is a guide to the year ahead… Read More 

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