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The Venice Biennale is the grandest event in the art calendar—an international exhibition designed to compare and contrast world cultures through visual art. Yet the Biennale’s stature has not inoculated it against controversy over the years. The exhibition has suffered several dust-ups in its 114-year history, from vexing grand prize winners to derogatory showcases of “primitive” African art. On the eve of the opening of the 57th edition of the Biennale, we examine the historic festival’s five most contentious controversies.

Christoph Büchel Turns a Deconsecrated 10th Century Church Into a Mosque (2015)
Police in Venice shut down Swiss artist Christoph Büchel’s installation at the 56th Venice Biennale, in which he transformed a deconsecrated 10th-century Church into a fully functioning mosque. Authorities claimed the artist violated … read more 

Image | alvendia1 via Instagram | The Icelandic Pavilion at the 2015 Venice Biennale: