Brexit: dismay and concern after historic decision to leave EU

THE ART NEWSPAPER | Martin Bailey:

British arts organisations and artists are dismayed by the results of the European referendum, in which 52% of voters opted to leave. The decision by David Cameron to resign as prime minister in the early autumn has only added to the political and economic uncertainty, which will increase difficulties in the art world. Stephen Deuchar, director of the Art Fund, voiced the concerns of many when he told us this morning that the fund is “deeply concerned at the impact leaving the EU will have on culture in the UK, and particularly on its museums and galleries.” He explained: “At one level there is obviously now great financial uncertainty—the effect on European funding streams for the arts, for example—but quite as important is the potential effect on the spirit that drives a myriad of international partnerships in the arts”… Read more

Image: British Prime Minister David Cameron had said that Britain would be stronger, safer and better off in the EU. After the vote to leave, Cameron announced today he would be stepping down. (Image: Matt Cardy/Getty Images)