Brexit: what it could mean for the arts

THE ART NEWSPAPER | Javier Pes, Melanie Gerlis, Martin Bailey:

The UK is on course to leave the European Union, after a narrow vote in favour of divorce in a referendum held two weeks ago on 23 June. How long the process known as Brexit will take, and its consequences for the arts and for artists, remain largely unknown. The referendum result—London and Scotland’s voters were among the dissenters—was greeted with shock by many in the arts, and the fallout from the subsequent political and economic turmoil has caused widespread concern internationally. Thomas Campbell, the British-educated director of the Met in New York, says: “Since the Second World War, the Metropolitan Museum of Art has pioneered ambitious and groundbreaking loan shows, often in co-operation with European partners… Read more

Image: British Prime Minister David Cameron announces his resignation the morning after the EU Referendum. Photo: Ray Tang/Anadolu Agency/Getty Images