DAILY MAVERICK | Breyten Breytenbach:

A reaction to GroundUp Report: Prominent artwork covered up at UCT:

Please allow me yet again to react to the spasms of abject annihilation of sense, meaning and self-respect being played out around the question of the vanishing artworks at the University of Cape Town. If the reasoning weren’t so sleazy and infinitely self-serving one could perhaps take pity and guide these spokespeople to the gallows of beatification.

One knows that to work at university is a form of sheltered employment, one takes it as given that these poor souls are there because they cannot survive in the outside world, and one even abides the fallacy which they are so keen to propagate – to wit, that they may be knowledgeable on the subjects they rend their upper garments for… Read more

Image: Breyten Breytenbach