Brian Eno Delivers Inspiring Speech on Art & Life in Barcelona

billboard |  Judy Cantor-Navas:

“I always thought that my mission as an artist was to try to make the objects that belonged in the world I would like to live in,” Brian Eno said during the inaugural talk he gave at Barcelona’s Sonar +D Festival, in which he encouraged the crowd to do the same. “To sort of imagine that if I made the music that I thought would belong in the future, somehow it would help to make that future happen. “I think that is what’s happening in art,” Eno continued. “You’re throwing something forward. And then dragging the present towards it. And then you throw again and drag forward, and throw again and drag forward. And I think societies as a whole do that, it’s not just individuals who do that. We create what we aspire to.”… Read more

Image: Brian Eno by Shamil Tanna