The University of Pretoria (UP) is bringing art to the people.

This initiative saw a distinctive new feature being added to the Pretoria landscape on Saturday.

A series of massive beams was installed by a special crane to create a new bridge on Lynnwood Road.

The bridge forms part of the new Javett Art Centre at the university (the Javett-UP), creating a link between the Hatfield and south campuses.

This bridge signals another step in the establishment of the Javett-UP, due for completion by the end of 2018.

Commencing at 4 am, seven massive beams, each 33.55m in length and weighing 71 tons, were installed to construct a bridge across Lynnwood Road.

This forms part of a major new development in the Tshwane metro – the Javett Art Centre at the Javett-UP.

The Javett-UP at the entrance to the university’s cultural precinct will be open to the public, linking the campus to the Tshwane metro.

The centre aims to engage students and the public with the creativity and diversity of local art and artists. read more