Britain’s Most Famous Plundered Art Could Finally Go Home

Smithsonian |  Erin Blakemore:

ho owns art? It’s a question that plagues philosophers and public officials, and it gets even more thorny when more than one party claims ownership of the art in question. Now, reports Hyperallergic’s Allison Meier, a 200-year-old debate about plunder and possession is coming to a head with a movement to return the Parthenon marbles—a series of astonishing statues from the ancient Greek Parthenon—to Greece. Members of the U.K. Parliament recently introduced a bill that would transfer ownership of the infamous statues to Greece, Meier reports. The bill would also update British museum laws to make it impossible for objects from the Parthenon to be sold by the British Museum, where they currently reside… Read more

Image: Cultural treasure—or stolen goods? (Kevin Gessner (Flickr/Creative Commons))