The Brush Care Fund was created in early 2016 to support fellow visual artists in
need. This is a support fund by artists, for artists. It was born out of empathy and
compassion and runs purely on goodwill.
The artworks listed below were generously donated (in full) by artists, and are sold for causes
supported by the fund. The Hamilton Studio Gallery has wavered all commission and fees.
With the devastating fires experienced in Knysna, many of our fellow artist living
there have suffered severe damage to property and studio losses. We are currently
running a new drive to raise funds to support these artists. These funds will be
utilized for immediate support to re-establish studios.
Here follows a list of the donated work, currently for sale. All work are sold at the retail
value, or upon reasonable offers.

The catalogue links are as follow:

and a link to their Facebook page:

Thank you for your consideration.