Tens of thousands of people will hit the desert this week, building an entire city from scratch. (Even Google Maps has denoted the temporary metropolis.) While it’s only Tuesday, that hasn’t stopped early-bird Black Rock City denizens from creating glorious structures at Burning Man.

An impressive array of pop-up art and architecture always unfolds at the annual festivities, which have been the theme of several photography books. This year’s party will be no different, with dozens of shrines and installations to appear throughout the week.

All of it will encircle the theme of “Radical Ritual.” As tradition dictates, a temple with a large wooden effigy will be torched toward the end of the event—ergo, Burning Man.

Day three has revealed even more exceptional art. Watch this space all week for the latest from Black Rock City. And now, here are a few of our favorite structures so far. read more