Claudel steps out of sculptor’s shadow with her own museum

THE ART NEWSPAPER | Claudia Barbieri Childs:

More than 70 years after her death, the sculptor Camille Claudel—Auguste Rodin’s muse and mistress—has a museum of her own. The Musée Camille Claudel opened in her former family home in Nogent-sur-Seine, around 70 miles southeast of Paris, on 26 March.

Better known for her passionate, tragic relationship with Rodin and her 30-year confinement in a psychiatric hospital near Avignon, Claudel was largely forgotten as an artist until the late 1970s. The new museum holds most of the sculptures that she did not destroy when her affair with Rodin ended. It aims to offer a broad overview of Claudel’s artistic trajectory that complements the smaller collection of her works at the Musée Rodin in Paris… Read more

Image: Camille Claudel working in her studio in 1887