8 June until 10 June 2021


With the launch of our Cape Town Three Day Premier Auction, taking place from 8th until the 10th June 2021, our loyal and emerging collectors can expect a wonderful mix of works, showcasing a variety of styles, periods, and approaches.

The sale represents some of the contemporary masters, including works by contemporary heavyweights such as Norman Catherine, William Kentridge and Lionel Smit. The sale boasts a superb collection of Norman Catherine prints, full of whimsy and colour, encompassing the most iconic aspects of the artist’s oeuvre.

Lot 418, Norman Clive Catherine (South African 1949 – ), Cactus Man, R25 000 – R35 000


Lot 417, Norman Clive Catherine (South African 1949 – ), Self Portrait, R15 000 – R20 000


Lot 415, Norman Clive Catherine (South African 1949 – ), Serenade, R10 000 – R15 000


Lot 416, Norman Clive Catherine (South African 1949 – ), Cat Man, R15 000 – R20 000

William Kentridge offers two works that demonstrate the artist’s ability to create powerful images with a sensitive hand. Tree(Lot 426) is a sugar-lift etching offering all the qualities of watercolour or ink, with the added interest of dynamic, strong grounding lines. Poggio al Topo + Liviol House May 1993 (Lot 425) offers collectors a work completed in the artist’s most iconic medium – charcoal. The energetic mark-making and varying strokes give this work a kinetic quality.

Lot 425, William Kentridge (South African 1955 – ) Poggio Al Topo + Liviol House May, 1993, R250 000 – R350 000


Lot 426, William Joseph Kentridge (South African 1955 – ), Tree, R40 000 – R60 000

The surrealist movement is represented in spades of dream-like visuals and symbolic figures. Offering works by the master of surrealism, Salvador Dali, Lot 454 – Lot 456 represent works from the Inferno, Purgatory and Paradise portfolios, which make up Dali’s Divine Comedy Series.

Lot 454, Salvador Dali (Spanish 1904 – 1989), Giants (Inferno 31), R7 000 – R10 000


Lot 455, Salvador Dali (Spanish 1904 – 1989), The Dream (Purgatory 9), R7 000 – R10 000


Lot 456, Salvador Dali (Spanish 1904 – 1989), The Triumph of Christ and the Virgin, (Paradise 23), R7 000 – R10 000


Lot 457, Keith Alexander (South African 1946 – 1998), The Sanctuary, R170 000 – R200 000

The sale also showcases South Africa’s foremost surrealist painter, Keith Alexander. The Sanctuary (Lot 457) depicts a seemingly realistic landscape, but is in fact a combination of structures with an uncanny exoticism that could only occur in dreams of the imagination.

To view more works by emerging contemporary, post-war and modern, and continental artists, visit www.swelco.co.za. For registration assistance, condition reports or telephone/absentee bidding, contact us at ct@swelco.co.za or 021 794 6461.

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