Cape Gallery
60 Church St, Cape Town City Centre, Cape Town, 8001

Sights for the Next Generation

24/08/2020 until 26/09/2020

This year we take our cue from the 50th Anniversary of Earth Day, a worldwide annual event celebrated on April 22nd.   the first day of Spring in the Northern Hemisphere to support environmental protection; a day to honor earth and the concept of peace

In this spirit we have collected the works of artists depicting the natural world, many of whom are conservation activists themselves.

Ann Gadd/ Rhino Afrika Head / 68x68cm /Acrylic on Canvas)


Anthony Gadd / Blue Buffalo /105x140cm /Acrylic on canvas


Peter Gray / Handsome Boy / 80x60cm /Oil on canvas)


Cobus Van Der Walt /@ S 19° 55’ E 24° 46’ / 160 x 100cm / Oil on canvas)


David Kuijers / S is for Stripes / 69x69cm / Acrylic on glass)


Lin Barrie / Duet 1 / 60×100 / Mixed media)


Barry Jackson / Lioness and Cub 3/15 /20cm(H))


Makiwa Mutomba / Tall Friends / 140x100cm / Oil)


Peter Diggery / Pangolin / 39x104cm / Pencil)


Makiwa Mutomba / Tall Friends / 140x100cm / Oil)


Mandy McKay / Khoi / 60x90cm / Oil on canvas)


Christopher Reid /Great Horned Owl / 30x40cm / Acrylic on panel )