Cats and Crows at Association of Arts Pretoria

Cats and Crows – A jamboree of artistic expression | Group exhibition:

10 March (18:30) – 25 March 2017

at Association of Arts Pretoria, 173 Mackie Street, Nieuw Muckleneuk

The exhibition will be opened by Pieter van Heerden on Friday 10 March 2017 at 18h30 for 19h00.

Cats and Crows, on the face of it, is not much of an inspiring theme for an art exhibition.   However, to test the inventiveness and fantasies of a group of artists, the Association of Arts Pretoria invited artists to submit a work depicting how they individually interpret this, almost nonsensical, subject.  The result was amazing.  It became a fun jamboree of realistic and abstract works, some humoristic, some serious and others in full flight of fantasy.

Art lovers will relish in this visual experience and artists will be fascinated to learn how fellow artists give expression to their imagination and creativity.

Participating artists:  Eugenie Marais, Liekie Fouche, Minette van Rooyen-Zaaiman, Marinus Wiechers, Johann Oppermann, Annemarie Wessels,  Annette Pretorius, Erica Schoeman, Michael Teffo, Lottie van Vuuren, Lynette van Tonder, Lezanne Regev, Majak Bredell, Barry van der Westhuizen, Dirk Oegema, Malose Pete, Karin Preller, Taiwo Ohu, Jahni Wasserfall, Angela Banks, Andre Naude, Carl Jeppe, Craig Muller, Kobus Rossouw, Loeritha Saayman, Kobus Walker, Marina Louw, Annelise Bowker, Johan Steyn, Anna-Carien Goosen, Diek Grobler, Hanneke Benade, Retha Buitendach, Dylan Graham, Ansa Clacey, Danielle Malherbe, Gordon Froud, Colleen Winter, Shalette Bester, Hanna Jacobs, Willem Truter and Louise Kritzinger.

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Image: Anna Carien Goosen, What the cat saw (detail)