Cedric Vanderlinden at the Henry George Gallery

 Immaterium | Solo Exhibition:

Opens 06 April 2017 – 06 May 2017

Walkabout Sat, 8 April (10am)

at the Henry George Gallery, 45, 6th Street, Parkhurst

“I’m the result of a bad joke. Turner, Rothko and Magritte walk into a bar…”

You know you’ve stumbled upon something interesting when an artist prefaces his upcoming solo show of paintings with a statement like this one.  On Thursday 6 April, PE-based Cedric Vanderlinden’s new body of work titled “Immaterium” will debut in Johannesburg at the Henry George Gallery (45, 6th Street, Parkhurst). His paintings start as representational cloudscapes set against human elements with simple, bold compositions. – a dominant ground of sky and greatly diminished foreground element, of the human.  And as his reflexive process develops, elements get gradually removed and obscured. What remains are fragments, remnants and suggestions. The paintings are, in a very literal sense: nebulous – sitting in an awkward space of colour, light and suggested visual space.

Vanderlinden says: “They depict, if they are said to depict anything, a post-apocalyptic, post-Anthropocene Earth, dominated by resurgent, romantic and sublime natural forces: a world of our own making.” – See the show from 6pm onwards at the Henry George Gallery. All welcome and free.

Meet this PE-based artist who holds a Master’s Degree in Fine Art Painting. Enjoy an hour listening to him explain the nuances behind the 30 paintings on display in the gallery. Free & no need to book, just arrive.

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