Exec-Turned-Artist Drops Out of News Cycle – Former Nike executive Erik Hagerman made a wild decision after President Trump’s election victory: He committed to tuning out the 24-hours news cycle. Now, he creates land art on his farm in Ohio. He calls his self-imposed news blackout “The Blockade”—although he still reads the arts pages. (New York Times)​

Paintings Worth $2 Million Missing From Storage – Police are investigating six 19th-century paintings worth nearly $2 million that were found missing from a Brooklyn storage facility that was recently acquired by Crozier Fine Arts. The works were all owned by one private collector; none were insured. (New York Post)

Climate Protesters Strike at the Louvre – Environmental activists staged a second protest at the Louvre yesterday, this time by lying down in front of Géricault’s The Raft of the Medusa. (Last time, they waved banners in front of a sculpture of Nike.) The group, 350.org, is angry about energy company Total’s corporate sponsorship of the Paris museum. (AFP)

New Glenstone Gets an Opening Date – The private museum in rural Maryland is expanding. Its pavilions and landscaped grounds will open to the public on October 4. Each new Glenstone pavilion will dive deep into the work of one artist, including Louise Bourgeois, Roni Horn, Michael Heizer, Lygia Pape, and Martin Puryear. (Press release) Read more