“Stilled Life” a community Covid-19 photographic project from Turbine Art Fair (NPO)

Early in June “Stilled Life” a community photographic platform was launched to give South Africans a place to share their Covid – 19 stories. A place where anyone could send in their photos – not just professionals. People with both a view and a captured moment of what they were seeing and feeling during this abnormal time in their lives.

“What is so important about this project is our desire, as Turbine Art Fair NPO, to reach out to the artists whose livelihoods have been severely impacted by the pandemic – and make a real difference” says Glynis Hyslop, Founder of RMB Turbine Art Fair.

QUARANTINE MEAL – PASTA 2 Kristin NG Yang Quarantine Meal is a series of photographs I did during the lockdown. A reflection on Covid-19 and its impact. Questioning the modern life and introspection on the new normal.

The top 100 images, selected by a panel of judges, will be auctioned by Strauss & Co in August with all proceeds to the BASA Artists Relief Fund.

We have been overwhelmed by the powerful images we have already received from the community and with Covid-19 becoming a brutal and unforgiving reality with numbers increasing rapidly, we expect to see even more dramatic and poignant images being submitted.

With entries closing on the 19th July, the call goes out not to miss this opportunity to ‘speak your truth’ and ‘share your photographic voice’ during this global crisis. This is history in the making. You also have a change to make a real difference via the auction proceeds.

Turbine Art Fair (TAF) is a registered Non Profit Organisation, 152-943 NPO. Stilled Life is presented by Turbine Art Fair (NPO) in partnership with the Forum Company, and BASA (Business and Arts South Africa). The auction is sponsored by Strauss & Co.

To enter the competition: https://zealous.co/turbineartfair/opportunity/Stilled-Life-/

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VISITATIONS THROUGH MY PEN – Thato Motana This is a self – portrait photograph in school uniform

Exploring the effectiveness of being open about thoughts of anxiety through diary entries, letters, texts and emails as modes to help improve our emotional and cognitive capacities, and there upon how such can be encouraged to express support for the wellness and mental health of South African basic education scholars during Covid-19 and beyond.


ORGANISED CHAOS – Ellerman House Hotel Moments of Stillness When children are lined up to social distance before receiving their meal, some days are filled with colour and energy, as they look forward to this little bit of warmth on a cold winter’s day. Calm before the storm.


HISTORY REVISITED – Jacqui Gogele My son walking his puppy, ready to ward off the virus. Gas masks and gloves are in order.


TYING RIBBONS – Marion Smith Photograph taken of man at a Church who ties the new ribbons each morning of those who died the previous day in South Africa