Construction of Javett Art Centre Launched at University of Pretoria


The University of Pretoria and the Javett Foundation turned the first sod on 26 January 2016, launching the construction of a new art centre at the University’s South Campus. The new centre, to be known as the Javett Art Centre at the University of Pretoria, or the Javett-UP, will champion South African art alongside other African and international works in an environment characterised by research, study and exploration. It will open in 2018.

 “We would like to thank the Javett Foundation for their generous support in making this art centre possible. It is imperative that as a country we continue to invest in our artists and in education initiatives, even while we find ways of improving access to a quality education for all,” said UP Vice-Chancellor Professor Cheryl de la Rey.

 “The Javett Foundation supports the advancement of education in South Africa and believes the philanthropic sector has a crucial role to play in this regard. We are especially pleased to support this initiative and are sure that the centre will inspire young South Africans to embrace the arts,” said Leigh Bregman a spokesperson for the Javett Foundation.

 Founded around the Javett family’s South African art collection, the Javett-UP seeks to engage students and the public in celebrating the creativity and diversity of both art and artists locally and internationally. It will set new benchmarks in art curation, conservation and education, and will underline the power of art and creativity to engage contemporary social issues. The Javett-UP will be managed by the Art Centre Foundation, an independent trust.

 Situated on the university’s South Campus, the Javett-UP will be accessible to the public from Lynnwood Road. It will extend across Lynnwood Road with a gallery that descends into a square on the main Hatfield Campus, linking the Fine Arts and Architecture departments. A student gallery will be located below the two departmental buildings.

The fusion of academic activities on campus and art-related activities in the centre will form a hub of innovation, bringing together students, learners and the public in an ongoing process of exploration and dialogue.

This visionary partnership between the Javett Foundation, the University of Pretoria and the Art Centre Foundation will culminate in the opening of the state-of-the-art Javett Art Centre at UP in 2018.

Image: Model of Javett Art Centre