COVID-19 Langa Artist and Community Relief Fund

The spread of the COVID-19 virus has had a significant impact on our business as well as the community of Langa as a whole. A number of families and individuals are living with the uncertainty of where their next meal will be coming from, and whether or not they are still employed.

As a business we enjoy a lot of goodwill from the community in which our business is situated, the members of our community play a big role in ensuring that our guests are safe and are welcomed to Langa. As the gallery company we would love to be able to welcome back visitors to Langa after this storm has passed, and rely on our community to join us in doing this.

Our artists who welcomed the opening of the 16 on Lerotholi Art Gallery, have been left disillusioned by the events that followed the shutdown of the country and the subsequent lockdown of the entire country.

The artists we represent are prominent artists who had fallen on hard times, prior to them teaming up with us. We have devised the following in an attempt to assist them ride out this storm: Any donation that is above a thousand Euros, will be rewarded by an artwork from one of our artists.

To date through the goodwill of donors we have been able to secure and deliver 785 food parcels intended for unregistered Early Childhood Development (ECD) centers that do not fall under the support of the national Department of Social development (DSD). These have made a huge difference in the lives of children whose only meals for the day are received at these centers. All ‘registered’ ECD centers are getting a small grant from DSD to keep their kitchens open, in order to continue feeding their children.

In this regard we would like to invite you or your organisation to assist us in extending goodwill towards the community by donating anything you can through our crowdfunding effort or even by simply helping us share it. Please find the link below.

COVID-19 Langa Artist and Community Relief Fund