I Object

British Museum, London

Art is usually paid for by rulers and elites yet somehow artists have never been able to stop biting the hand that feeds. The British Museum’s world-spanning collections prove satire is a universal impulse. Private Eye editor Ian Hislop has delved deeper in search of the snarky for this exhibition, turning up angry artefacts, from graffiti on an ancient Babylonian brick to a Pussyhat worn on a women’s march. As they said in Babylon: “Up yours, Nebuchadnezzar.”
6 September-20 January

Masahisa Fukase: Private Scenes

Foam, Amsterdam

The highlight of the autumn photography season is this major retrospective of the troubled genius of postwar Japanese photography, the late Masahisa Fukase. The exhibition chronicles his extensive body of work from the early 1960s to 92, when a fall left him in a coma for the remaining 20 years of his life. Prints, publications and personal documents, including previously unseen material, trace the life and work of a radically experimental and often obsessive artist.
7 September12 December …Read More