Durban prepares to host international architecture congress

Mail & Guardian | Sean O’ Toole 


A series of pre-conference events kicked off Durban’s hosting of the 25th congress of the International Union of Architects.

A mood of nervous excitement and busy enterprise characterised parts of central Durban over the weekend as the city made final preparations to host the 25th congress of the International Union of Architects (UIA), an industry body representing 1.3-million architects in 124 countries. The congress kicks off on Monday and runs until Wednesday, although many social events marking the congress started earlier.

On Saturday evening, at an architectural exhibition in the historic Beer Hall on Florence Nzama Road in the city centre, four young men with shovels bagged rubble. They worked just metres away from a makeshift stage where nearly a dozen architects, city officials and funding partners took turns to welcome guests…


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