E-toll ‘zombie’ paintings selling fast

The Citizen:


Reaction to a series of artworks depicting South Africans turning into zombies thanks to e-tolls, taxes, levies and licence fees has been overwhelming according to the artist.

Mike Woolfson’s artwork depicting how e-tolls are turning average South Africans into ‘zombies’ has been well received. Image courtesy Moneyweb.

Mike Woolfson, digital artist and owner of MBW Art galleries, toldMoneyweb that the artwork reflects his view of where South Africans are headed.

The limited editions prints depict an e-toll gantry against a backdrop gathering dark clouds with a person hanging from a gantry while others are walking away from in a zombie-like state, expressionless and meaningless.

Woolfson explained that while he does not normally revert to social commentary in his artwork, in this case he felt very strongly that e-tolls were introduced in a dictatorial way not befitting a democracy.

He says at the very least e-tolls should have been eased in over a period to lessen the shock for motorists.

Woolfson said that over a period of time the financial burden of legislation, levies and taxes introduced by the state is becoming unbearable for the individual. Often people just pay up to avoid interaction with a dysfunctional bureaucracy, turning them into ‘zombies’ of the state.

Woolfson said that already 16 of the 50 limited edition e-toll prints have been sold, with the reaction to the artwork has been overwhelming. Buyers, mostly private individuals and corporates, are paying about R2 000 for a print.


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