Eclectica Contemporary Everything I Have Felt and Heard | Kara Taylor

American-born artist, Kara Taylor received her Bachelors of Fine Art in 1997 from the Maine College of Art. After completing her studies, Kara lived in Maui for a few years, honing her skills as a painter and completing her first solo exhibition. Kara recognizes that many of her artistic influences and the themes which she draws on are due to being fortunate to travel to Asia and India. Kara has exhibited in various group shows throughout America’s North East and New York City. In 2000 she opened her own gallery, the Kara Taylor Gallery, on the island of Martha’s Vineyard in Massachusetts, which is a space that she has created to showcase her own work.

Throughout her practice, Kara has used mixed media to build up her two-dimensional artworks. Each piece she creates shows her meticulous focus in the layering process, demonstrating her understanding of the materials used. Across the series, narratives begin to unfold in which the artist attempts to address dual possibilities of division and unity existing within social binaries and the structures that uphold cultural standards.